Quickly capture and share content from any source, whether it's email, the web, Office documents, or other business systems.


Move your critical business communication out of email and into a system that makes it trackable, actionable, and findable later.


Make any business process smoother and more effective with integrated Project Management tools that scale from the everyday to the epic.

A Capable Suite of Connected Tools

Personalized Digests
Personal Notifications
File Sharing
Edit History
Deep Search
Multiple Spaces

Traction® TeamPage Extensions

Phone Notes
Complaint Book
Inquiry Management
Presence Status
Requisition Slips
Daily Reports
Biz Meeting Notes
Sales Revenue Book
Photo Slideshow
Schedule Sharing
Meeting Notes
Inventory Management
Quality Management
Customer Management (CRM)
Like! and Votes

Designed to Solve Problems, Not Create Them

Traction® TeamPage delights newcomers with its clean and intuitive interface and immediate ability to facilitate many everday work activities.

But unlike many collaborative systems whose limitations quickly become frustrations, TeamPage lets you work faster the more you use it and can easily be extended to improve just about any business process.

... Very intuitive and easy to use, everything extraneous seems to have been removed but without compromising the UI or the functionality of the platform.”

—Dave Morgan, Chess Media Group

We're Industry and Discipline Agnostic

Rather than tailor our software to a specific type of team, we designed a flexible product that can be custom-fit to solve countless problems in dozens of situations. Here are just a few.

And this is just the beginning. Because of it's intentionally flexible design, we don't believe there's a company out there that wouldn't benefit from using Traction® TeamPage.

Contact us to learn more or start your free trial.

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