May 2016 | TeamPage Mobile App, Improved Document Management

ImageTraction® TeamPage Spring 2016 Release introduces: the first release of a new Traction TeamPage Mobile App for iPhone and iPad; a new TeamPage Document Management user interface; the first release of a new JSON API for mobile devices, bots, and other external clients; improved external search engine integration; bug fixes, improvements, and other changes.

Traction® TeamPage Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

The free TeamPage app lets you review TeamPage discussions and notifications, tracks what you have read, and lets you add items to your worklist and reply via email. It also supports offline reading and replying to downloaded content. It's a handy way to keep up with activity in TeamPage using your iPhone or iPad when you're away from your desk. See TeamPage iOS Application and Chris Nuzum's blog post for details and examples. You can download the free TeamPage App from Apple's iOS App Store.


Improved Document Management Interface

TeamPage's document management interface has been revamped, and now supports a native move feature for moving files and folders.

Other Release Highlights

• Social Enterprise Web. The hover menu for individual files (either in a single file view, or in external search engine results) now includes a "describe" item that will allow a user who has permission to do so to create or edit an entry that contains an authored description of the file.

• The section table widget now supports sections driven by external search engine queies.

• The reset password view, which is used with the "Forgot your password?" feature that can be enabled on TeamPage's login form, now displays password requirements you've set, such as minimum length or minimum numbers of special characters. Previously, these requirements were shown in other contexts where TeamPage user account passwords are being chosen, but not on this page.

• Improved dashboard section RSS and Atom feed support.

• Documents page's network drive link is now easier to spot, and the accompanying help tip has been improved.

• Improved reporting and recovery from network errors such as intermittent internet connectivity problems.

• Upgraded the version of Java packaged with TeamPage to Oracle JRE 8u72.

• Improved support for the Microsoft Edge web browser.

• Fixed a bug that could prevent localizations of TeamPage's rich text editor for certain languages (including French) from being correctly loaded.

• Added support for Calibri font to the Proteus skin, as well as to the Print skin, and PDF export options.

• Fixed an issue that could prevent email notifications from being sent in certain situations when a user changed their locale.

Developer SDK

• In order to support external clients, such as mobile devices and chat bots, the first part of a new com.traction.jsonapi plug-in is now included in TeamPage.

• Many "under the hood" improvements to the part of the Traction SDK that cover integration with external search engines, with the goal of making external search engine features more reliable. The Traction SDK external search integration API (mostly contained in the package) has undergone extensive changes.


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