Nov 2017 | TeamPage 6.2 Major Release

ImageTraction® TeamPage 6.2 is a major release which packages TeamPage changes and improvements that have been incrementally delivered to cloud-hosted and on-premises customers. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, highlights of this release are updates to API's used by developers to extend TeamPage, and substantial internal refactoring to improve the structure of the TeamPage code base.

Release Highlights


  • New features and capabilities based on impi! Solutions partnership include a new a Threat and Opportunity module. The Threat and Opportunity module helps businesses identify, document, and handle risks posed by threats to business processes. A risk can be linked to innovation tasks to mitigate that risk, or to an improvement opportunity that is tracked and managed as part of an improvement project.
  • Improved handling of auto-logged replies to TeamPage email notifications.
  • Configurable project tracking tables can show the number of complete tasks or percent completed.
  • Improved document relevance boost can use the number of incoming or outgoing cross-references, tags, the size of the entries discussion thread, number of updates, entry type, and other metrics to score relevance and return relevant results for any query.
  • Improved Table of Contents widget (customer contributed) is now part of the TeamPage supported baseline.
  • Improved interactive tooltip shows the title of the project or milestone associated with a Calendar event.
  • Updated Public SDK API includes: new built-in sorting capabilities; improved flattened thread and sub-thread queries; configurable dynamic updates to form fields; form support for multi-level dialogs; support for required fields; regular expression support for list type matcher; support for numeric field types; relevance boost can now show an explanation of scoring to help understand why a result appears where it does in a list of search results.
  • TeamPage SDK extensions and improvements support new TeamPage plug-ins and plug-in solutions developed by Traction Software, Traction Software's Japanese Business Office, partners, and customers.
  • Many specific bug fixes and performance improvements, see TeamPage 6.2 Change Log for details.See TeamPage Change Log for a detailed list of changes in this and intermediate point releases.


Why, How and What of the impi Standard Meeting Plug-in for TeamPage A short video demonstration and customer interview of the impi! Standard Meeting plug-in for TeamPage.

TeamPage Real-Time Daily Report 日報 (Japan can include tasks, scheduled events, meeting notes, photos, and Customer contact notes using an extensible CRM form on desktop or mobile devices. Team members, as well as bosses, can share notes, plans, and a Daily Report calendar of events. See @TSIJPO for Traction Software Japan's Twitter feed.

Meeting ISO 9001:2015 requirements using TeamPage and the impi! model The organization steadily builds its very own Wikipedia, and it’s ISO 9001 compliant. The risk of deadwood documentation is reduced: team members create their own documentation, hyperlinking contextualizes the documentation and tagging and search capability ease retrieval of information.

The Work Graph Model: TeamPage style Understand how TeamPage connects people and their work.

A Fabric, not a Platform Making work actionable as well as observable: Objects, context, conversation, connection.

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