Dec 2017 | FullCalendar adds list and schedule views, ability to show calendar events for selected groups

ImageTeamPage 2017 Winter Release includes integration with FullCalendar to add new calendar views and capabilities including: list and agenda views; the ability to display events from Google Calendars; the ability to show individual calendars for people who belong to a selected group. FullCalendar is a customizable and open-source JavaScript event calendar with many extensible capabilities and a popular API.

Other highlights

A new Copy action used to create an editable duplicate of an existing entry; a much faster HTML-to-plaintext converter used to render snippets; updated NTLM libraries for single sign-on support; updated Adobe Derby JDBC connectors; improved type-ahead completion used to show relevant suggestions as text is typed in the TeamPage search box; improved external search engine integration, administration, and performance; new and improved developer SDK support for extending or overriding behavior of custom entry types and EntryClasses; new JavaScript functions used to extend and customize the TeamPage Proteus skin; colorful setting panel styling. The release also includes over 90 bug fixes and general improvements, see TeamPage 6.2.12 Change Log for details.

FullCalendar examples

proteus view

proteus view

proteus view

proteus view


FullCalendar plug-in Configuring the and using new FullCalendar capabilities.

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