Aug 2020 | Core Project Management, email digest generation, and incoming email processing improvements

ImageTraction® TeamPage Summer 2020 Release improves performance of queries that power TeamPage's core Project Management views and feeds. This also speeds up Data TablesĀ used to embed project, task, milestone, and other interactive tables in TeamPage articles. The release improves rules for automatic cleanup of incoming email posted to TeamPage directly or as a reply to an outgoing TeamPage email notification. The release also makes outgoing TeamPage email digest generation more efficient, and improves external search engine synchronization used to automatically reindex modified articles or attachments. SDK improvements focus on changes related to sending and receiving email.

Other Highlights

  • Optimized the way that TeamPage retrieves auxiliary data after an initial page load. This includes sparkles and completion status mini-graphs displayed in various contexts for projects and milestones.
  • Fixed bug that prevented subscriptions to custom email digests from being deleted along with all standard digests when the receiver of an email clicked the "Unsubscribe from All Email Digests" link.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented external search engine indices from being updated when indexed folders were renamed or moved.
  • Updated the version of JavaMail that TeamPage uses to 1.6.2.
  • Fixed an issue with the data that TeamPage sends for calendar invitations that are all day events - spanning one or more full days. Previously not all calendar software would be able to interpret the event invitations as spanning a range of days rather than a range of hours.
  • Reduced the amount of memory required for digest generation and email article operations.
  • Improved the appearance of section and section table widgets included in digests and emailed articles.
  • Improved the appearance of extended entry metadata that appears in digests and emailed articles.
  • Optimized the way TeamPage tracks information required to keep the data in an external search engine in synch with the latest modifications of articles or attachments
  • Improved the way that TeamPage generates HTML for inline references to images and other media to use 'lazy' loading - only loading them when the user scrolls the page where the image or other media must be rendered.
  • The Traction public SDK API now contains an object that can be used to write customizations the use the Email Articles capability.
  • Improved the IncludeManage SDK interface to add optional nested scopes which makes it easy to create renderings for self-contained embedded sub-documents.
  • Added the ability to use the contents of a file for an SDK message body.
  • Clients can now access any SDK UserAgent object by its configuration name, or with a user-agent identification string
  • The TeamPage Summer 2020 Release (6.2.46) incorporates over 50 bug fixes and general improvements, see TeamPage Change Log for a complete list of updates shipped since the Winter 2020 Release


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