Daily Report 日報 = Observable Work: Takashi Okutsu

March 29, 2016 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageTakashi Okutsu of Traction Software's Japanese Business Office recently posted an update to his Daily Report TeamPage plugin. Takashi writes: "In some Japanese companies, it is common to look back what an employee did in the day, write a summary, and submit it to his/her boss. This is called "日報" (daily report or daily journal) and it's a way of sharing information between employees and bosses in the hierarchy. If you are interested in the ways of business in Japanese companies, you may find this blog post interesting." This example of Observable Work is very simple to understand and use. Quality Management and other TeamPage solutions follow the same pattern.


Takashi's plug-in adds a Daily Report form to post and edit daily reports, along with a Daily Reports tab that includes a feed view, summary table, calendar view, and optional ranking. In addition to making it simple for employees to post a daily report, each report can be discussed, emailed, searched, and used like any other TeamPage article. For example, a visit to a customer which includes a suggestion or identifies a problem can be tagged with a follow-up task pinned to the original report and person who reported it, easily tracked from start to finish.

Like other TeamPage plug-in extensions Takashi's Daily Report is packaged as a single file that can be uploaded and installed with one click. Plug-in extensions add or override TeamPage capabilities, add new tabs, views and new setup pages to configure the appearance and behavior of the plug-in. TeamPage extensions include localized resources so the same plug-in can support many different languages - Japanese and English in this example.


See Takashi's Daily Report Form post for screenshots and examples. For a free TeamPage Forum and support account click here.


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