Traction Software Brings FAST-Enabled Search to Blogs and Wikis

Traction Software Brings FAST-Enabled Search to Blogs and Wikis Traction Goes Beyond Blogs and Wikis, Offering Integrated FAST InStream Search Technology to Enable Secure Search, Entity Extraction and Drill Down Navigation PROVIDENCE, RI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 18, 2006 -- Traction® Software, the leading developer of products for secure, scalable, web-based collaboration, today announced the general availability of its Traction® TeamPage™ FAST Search Module. The Module is an integrated and easily installed option, based on Fast Search & Transfer's FAST InStream™ OEM search technology solution. The Module is priced at USD $15K per Traction TeamPage Server.

"The FAST InStream option adds tremendous value to TeamPage's hypertext model, particularly for companies using TeamPage blog and wiki capabilities for commercial, pharma, or government intelligence and project communication," said Greg Lloyd, President and Co-Founder, Traction Software. "Drill-down navigation by automatically extracted company name, product name, person or location is incredibly easy and useful. We chose FAST because it's highly scalable, supports Traction's permissioned search model, and is simple to support and use, which fits our model for all TeamPage product development."

By embedding FAST InStream, TeamPage now delivers state of the art search and content drill-down that is as good or better than that of the most capable content and document management systems on the market today and

  • Extends the TeamPage standard search capability by adding permission- filtered search across over 370 formats of documents attached to Traction TeamPage blog posts or stored in TeamPage web folders.
  • Adds linguistic analysis to automatically extract and rank relevant key words and entities. Entities include company names, person names, locations, and e-mail addresses.
  • Provides interactive drill-down navigation, including AND and OR selection, enabling users to quickly understand their search set and narrow tens or hundreds of thousands of results down to just a few that are highly relevant using keywords, entities, and metadata attributes.
  • Adds a "Find Similar" choice to posts, comments and search results to make it simple to find other relevant content.
  • Adds automatically calculated Rank order to Newest First and Oldest First sort options. Rank order is determined by automatic linguistic and link analysis.
  • Adds search by content types including posts, pages, comments, emails and files.

"In the era of Enterprise 2.0, smart companies are leveraging tools like Traction TeamPage to empower individuals to create their own content," said John M. Lervik, CEO, FAST. "Now, by leveraging Traction TeamPage together with FAST InStream businesses can offer their employees a new and more powerful package of tools to help them produce, share and then intelligently search this collective intelligence, creating a smarter, faster-moving and more profitable workforce."

About Traction® TeamPage™

Traction TeamPage combines wiki style group editing, the simplicity of a blog, and a unique model for commenting and secure, scalable communication. Global 1000 and government customers deploy TeamPage for business critical applications including product development, management issue tracking, marketing, competitive intelligence, and sales force communication. TeamPage gives businesses the ability to collaboratively share valuable information such as market research, competitive intelligence, corporate communications documents and business development information. Traction plugs into a company's existing infrastructure or operates stand-alone on an intranet or extranet.

About FAST InStream

FAST InStream is an industry-leading OEM search technology specifically designed to increase the value of enterprise applications and boost ROI by leveraging the power of FAST Enterprise Search Platform (FAST ESP™) technology. Supporting both structured and unstructured data, FAST InStream provides unique value across many types of software applications, and will be instrumental in providing Traction customers with instant access to highly relevant data.

About Traction Software

Traction Software provides business and government organizations with enterprise software that allows groups and teams to communicate more effectively. Traction's easy to use TeamPage™ software creates a secure communications hub for business information and working communications that collects, organizes, links and shares sources of information in context over time. TeamPage is used for business applications ranging from product development and project management to marketing field communication, competitive intelligence, and sales. Traction Software has been named one of the 100 Companies that Matter by KMWorld and is a winner of the RedHerring 100 and eContent 100 awards. The company distributes its products directly and through global partners. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Traction Software is a privately held corporation with financing from investors including In-Q-Tel and Slater Interactive. For additional information, visit Traction at tractionsoftware…..

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